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Mundo Lanugo partners with Google on web shorts to benefit Hispanic children

Mundo Lanugo partners with Google on animated web shorts to inspire Hispanic children around the world, not just, to use technology, but to create it. Millions of jobs that will require future skills like problem-solving, collaboration and coding are projected to go unfilled; an underrepresented communities, like Latinos, are already drastically underrepresented in technical fields.

Google’s Computer Science Education work with Mundo Lanugo strives to change the narrative of computer science (CS) for our Hispanic children by developing and producing original CS-themed storylines and diverse character portrayals in the media they consume.

There shorts are a digital tool to make CS more appealing to the Hispanic audience, and awaken an interest on the vast opportunities in computer science and other STEAM-related fields, while also promoting great storytelling and animation.

CS in Media’s Diversity in Entertainment Ambassador, Daraiha Greene, states, “Our research shows that stereotypical images of people in computer science and other technical fields can negatively influence the likelihood that minoritized groups imagine themselves engaging in those fields. I’m so proud of what we created with Mundo Lanugo because it showcases CS via fun and authentic storytelling for the Hispanic children. Our hope is to encourage even more diversity in CS because if you can see it, you can be it.”

What are some statistics?

  • Blacks & Latinos are underrepresented on-screen, at 14.1% and 4.9% respectively.
There’s a lack of / misrepresentation of STEM/CS characters in family movies and prime TV – STEM.
  • Characters are less likely to be women (< 18%) and the same goes for CS characters (<13%).

About Lanugo, INC

Mundo Lanugo is a multimedia company focused on the undeserved Latino preschool market to inspire pride, confidence and a sense of belonging through a cultural toolbox of wisdom and values. Via animated videos, apps, books, and live shows, Mundo Lanugo connects kids to the Hispanic culture and promotes the Spanish language. Created by Carla Curiel and Roberto Castro, parents of twin girls, Mundo Lanugo started very personal but became professional upon their realization that they were not alone. As Latino parents raising twin girls in the United States, Mundo Lanugo was conceived from a real unmet need to find high quality programming and products that highlight the richness of the Hispanic culture in their everyday lives. For more information visit

About Google

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, and our approach to computer science in media is an extension of that mission. We are committed to increasing computer science opportunities for all — regardless of gender, ethnicity, geography, or socio-economic level — and aim to inspire young people everywhere not just to use technology, but to create it. For more information, visit ###

Media Contact: Carla Curiel; Phone: (305) 972-0594;

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