Venezuelan Arepas

Arepas are the ultimate comfort food for me! The arepa is a flat, dish-shapped, unleavened patty made of maize flour, which can be grilled, fried or even boil. Depending on what kind of meal {breakfast, lunch or dinner} can be filled in many ways. If serving for breakfast my favorite is scrambled eggs, cheese and ham. Now, if it’s for lunch or dinner they goes perfect with chicken, beef, tuna or beans.
I think back home the arepa is the most popular food. They’re served in every home. I would dare to say that almost, if not, every day. They would be the equivalent of buttermilk biscuits in U.S., the tortillas in Mexico or the baguettes in France.

This one was a delicious breakfast. I filled them with “perico”(scramble eggs with tomatoes and onion) and cheese. My picky eater 1 (A.K.A Matthew) LOVES them, and that makes this mommy very happy, but my picky eater 2 (A.K.A Vicky) is not sot thrilled about it. I guess I’ll keep trying. It is not possible that daughter of mine does not eat Arepa LOL.
Arepas Venezolanas

No seriously!

If you are a cook who likes to experiment I strongly recommend you to try this recipe. Easy and quick to prepare. As they can be filled with almost anything, it’s a perfect option to use leftovers. For example: if you have some chicken from dinner, just shredded it, fill the arepa, add some cheese, wrapped in foil… Bam! The perfect lunch for the kids next day.

For a complete recipe, you can visit Oriana’s Blog. Mommyhoodsdiary

About the author: Oriana is the Latin Mamá Pata of 3 wonderful Lanuguitos. She is a bilingual mom, who is passionate about cooking and photography.

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