¿Suspiritos? ¿Espumillas? ¿Merengues?

One of the foods that reminds us the most of our childhood are the “suspiritos, espumillas, or merengues” and are the ones that change names depending of each person’s heritage. It is an easy and simple dessert which you can do with your Lanuguitos even on special occasions, or perhaps this same weekend if you really want to eat the BEST little “suspirito” of your life.

Here we share our favorite recipe because the suspiritos come our crunchy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 4 Egg whites
  • 1 1/4 cups sugar, 20 shallow tablespoons
  • Only the grated green part of 1 lemon

Begin to beat the egg whites until foamy and then begin to add the sugar little by little until stiff peaks form. Then add the lemon zest and while working, heat the oven to 275 putting the rack in the middle.

Take 2 spoons and start making little mountains with the mix, which should be separated 1-2 fingers from each other so that they don’t get stuck together when they grow.
These little mountains will be put on wax paper or on a previously very little greased baking tray.
After slightly greasing the trays, pass a soft kitchen paper over the wax paper to avoid excess butter and prevent it from sticking.
Proceed to put them 30 minutes in the oven, always overlooking the oven without opening it.

Other more creative ideas of how to use this merengue is put to add other sweets to it. For example, after making the merengue, you can make a little hole in the middle that would serve to place fruits in the middle or even ice cream. It turns out beautiful, but remember to stir carefully since the suspiro is as fragile as a sigh.

About the author: Francia Quijada, is a Venezuelan-American Mamá Pata living in Miami, FL. She is proud of her big family of 3 sons and 14 grandsons, who she constantly cooks for joining her two passions, family and cooking.

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