Arroz con Pollo Spanish Style

I’ve been eating “Arroz con Pollo” since I can remember; This dish is a classic of Latin America cuisine and has many versions. Even every family has their own way of cooking it. For example, in my family we cook it with chicken breasts cut into small pieces instead of bone-in chicken. This is just a personal preference. Arroz con Pollo I love this recipe because it is very easy to make and very convenient to eat also. If you think about it, all the yummy ingredients are already mixed and ready to go in your mouth; the chicken, the rice, all the veggies and the seasonings are perfectly married together by the time you sit down to eat. As you well know I am a mother of two little ones so in my house convenience is always the key to happiness.
Not to mention that in one bowl you can have a complete balanced meal. You have protein, carbs, and veggies; 3 in 1. My daughter Andrea is always watching what she eats but every time I make “Arroz con Pollo” she can never have enough.
I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have my entire life!!!

For the full recipe, visit Oriana’s Blog – MommyHoodsDiary


OrianaPhoto_BlogAbout the author: Oriana is the Latin Mamá Pata of 3 wonderful Lanuguitos. She is a bilingual mom, who is passionate about cooking and photography.

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