Watch Mundo Lanugo in Despierta América

  Dear friends, As you know, we have been working arduously in building Mundo Lanugo, a Latino de Corazón lifestyle and entertainment brand that, through fun and authentic stories, inspires preschool children to maintain their Latin culture while building the child’s self-esteem and identity. It’s been already two years of passion, commitment, hustling, growth and 

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Thanksgiving Day is Around the Corner

Thanksgiving day is just around the corner to re-enforce in our Lanuguitos the importance of appreciating what they have. In a time when our Lanuguitos often have much more than necessary, it is important to promote ‘Gratitude’ in them. Take advantage of this bilingual coloring activity to talk to them about the intangible blessings that 

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A Very Special Thanksgiving “Pasadía”

Today was a very special day for us. We organized a Thanksgiving “Pasadía” for South Florida Lanuguitos Americans and “Latinos de Corazón” who have been separated from their parents due to immigration and deportation laws. For these children, the holidays are often a harsh reminder of lost connections, and they miss the comfort of having 

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The Balancing Act of Easter

Since the beginning of Lent, I’ve had a constant worry in my head. During my childhood, the focus of this sacred season was about God, His sacrifice and His love. Today, raising my daughters, I feel that it will be harder to instill this feeling towards the balancing act of Easter. Being only 2 years 

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FREE Valentine’s Cards

Do you need Valentine’s cards for your Lanuguitos? Don’t worry. By clicking on the link below you can download beautiful Valentine’s cards for FREE for your Lanuguito to gift to their friends. You will only need an 8.5″x11″ page to print at home. Enjoy! [download id=”4205″]  

The Real Latino Christmas

Dear Mamá Pata,  From a ‘Mamá Pata’ to another ‘Mamá Pata’, I gift you an invaluable Christmas activity book for you and your Lanuguitos in the hope that it can serve as a tool for you to start a conversation and teach your ‘hijos’ about our many Latino traditions during this Holiday Season full of 

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Playing with Muki at the park

Even though at Lanugo, and as parents, we play every day, this week in particular we are promoting simple, traditional and fun games to enjoy outdoors with our “Lanuguitos.” We are sure that many of the Latin mom and dads that are raising their children in the US would agree that one of the benefits 

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