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Dear friends,

As you know, we have been working arduously in building Mundo Lanugo, a Latino de Corazón lifestyle and entertainment brand that, through fun and authentic stories, inspires preschool children to maintain their Latin culture while building the child’s self-esteem and identity.

It’s been already two years of passion, commitment, hustling, growth and perseverance since we first launched it as an apparel company. Many success as well as learning experiences have taken us to the place where we are today; and if I may say so myself, it’s been a great ride!

Intro Hi

Throughout this journey, many moms, including some of you, told us that Lanugo needed to make cartoons. That we needed to animate our characters for the children! And guess what? It took us two years and bit, but we are finally launching Lanugo animated cartoons!!!

camaron mundo lanugo

This summer, Despierta America will introduce Mundo Lanugo in special forty-five second animated interstitials, broadcast all throughout July, 2015. We are so excited!!!! We wanted to scream it and let it out way earlier but Univision wanted to keep it a surprise.

These cartoon shorts follow the animated adventures of Gloria, our main storyteller and the Lanuguitos on their journeys to Mundo Lanugo, where they discover their Latin roots and traditions around music, food, games, art, heritage, and family values. More specifically, these shorts are centered on teaching values through our Latino isms (which by now you know we love!).

If you believe in our mission and want to help, please share all the videos through the different social media channels! I am confident that if we unite, we can secure better programming in spanish and a brighter future for all of our children.

Thanks a million!!!

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